This is the Education Leak in Korea

This is the Education Leak in Korea – Currently, the world of education is seen and is in the spotlight of many people. The current pandemic period can make many people very lazy to carry out the teaching and learning process. But what about Korea? People’s lives in North Korea are still a mystery to the world. There is a lot of news about the threat of ballistic missile launches and the atrocities of the country and almost no news can be found about the lives of the people there. How can the country led by Kim Jong Un make its people hold on to their ideals?

Check out the following summary of North Korea’s education system, leaked by their citizens who managed to escape and defect.

1. 12 years of compulsory education

Throughout their school years, knowledge of the life and ideology of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and loyalty to the state ideology were the main goals of their learning system.

2. The life of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and their revolution became the first lesson in school

The loyalty of the North Korean people to their country’s ideals is very strong. Reported by the YouTube channel Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park in a video titled North Korea’s Education System, it is stated that this can happen. Because, since entering school children are required to study the history of the life of the founder of the country. The introduction of the revolution carried out by the founders of their country became a compulsory subject in elementary schools.

If students fail in the subjects concerning the founding of the country, they will be penalized, but there will be no penalties if they fail in other subjects such as mathematics and English.

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3. There is an English lesson

Launching from the YouTube channel TheRichest in a video entitled 10 Things You Didn’t Know About NORTH KOREAN Schools, since childhood, North Korean citizens have been taught that America is the enemy. Therefore, they learn English in order to know the enemy, namely America, and the English they learn is British English.

English begins to be studied at the secondary school level. Interview with a defector on the YouTube channel Asian Boss’ video in the Stay Curious segment, entitled What’s The North Korean Education System Like? said that learning begins with introduction to the alphabet, then reading, then learning English songs about Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and memorizing the English version of the quotes of the two founders of the country. It is not surprising that many university students in North Korea can speak English.

4. Lessons on using firearms

Launching an interview from the Asian Boss YouTube show, What’s The North Korean Education System Like?, North Korean students are taught and trained to use firearms.

They are required to be able to release three shots at a time. This training begins at the second secondary school level, equivalent to tenth grade in Indonesia, and lasts for two weeks. The results of the assessment from this training will be taken into account in the report card score.

Assessment is based on the student’s ability to hit the target on ten occasions. On each occasion they must fire three shots, so a total of thirty shots will be scored. Each shot is worth one point, so a perfect score is thirty.

This is quite burdensome for students physically and mentally, because the weapons used are real weapons. On the last day of training, namely the day of testing, parents are required to come to see the ability of the child.…